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Subiaco business owners will want to consult Southern Cross Cleaning Services if they’re thinking about getting regular cleaning services. We can handle all the seemingly minor but essential tasks, including:

  • Keeping the bathroom clean and hygienic
  • Ensuring a steady supply of consumables
  • Washing the windows and cleaning the carpets

Our team can do much more, however. We’ve been serving Western Australia since 1987, and we clean everything from gyms and shopping centres to churches and government buildings. Because of our dedication to raising the bar and exceeding clients’ expectations, we’re continually honing our skills and widening our range of services.

Surface Cleaning Methods

We’re available for basic jobs like mopping and vacuuming hard floors, but when it comes to those large areas, we have more complex equipment. A team member can use an automatic scrubber to wash the hard floors of shopping centres and gyms, and if a warehouse needs to be swept, we’ll bring in an industrial sweeper.

For carpets, two intensive cleaning methods are available:

  • Hot water extraction
  • Encapsulation

Whichever one clients choose, it will go deep into the carpets and remove any tracked-in dirt, stains, and mould. Bacteria and other microbes often grow on carpets when food particles are present, so we can give each carpet thorough anti-bacterial sanitation.

Tile is another type of flooring that, if neglected, can become a health hazard. The deep cleaning that we perform on tile and grout can be beneficial for restaurants, fitness centres, apartments, and other properties.

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For the Exteriors

A clean exterior has a better chance of attracting customers, which is why building wash-downs are a major part of commercial cleaning in Subiaco. We easily clean single-storey and multiple-storey buildings, and we can abseil, ride a scissor lift, or use extension poles to reach the highest places. We clean every ledge and window frame.

Even car parks can be essential in giving a good first impression of a company. We offer hydro cleaning services that can remove all the dirt, sand, and oil from the asphalt. This is also ideal for highways and aeroplane runways.

Our Sales Team Is Ready To Help

Southern Cross Cleaning Services is proud to deliver customised office cleaning in Subiaco and the rest of Western Australia. At no charge, we can give you a quote for your desired services, so contact us and speak with a member of our sales team today.

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