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Business owners in Rockingham have a cleaning company they can trust for high-quality service on their schedule. Founded in 1987 and serving all of Western Australia, Southern Cross Cleaning Services specialises in commercial, office, and government cleaning. We can handle every area of cleaning, from the floors and windows to the air ducts and down to the car parks, and at the same time, we do only what the client desires.

Setting up office cleaning in Rockingham won’t be difficult because we have fast responses and a team that has been so well-trained in a variety of skills that we won the Excellence in Training Award from the Minister for Training. We also boast open communication in case emergencies arise.

Types of Floor Cleaning

For this most basic of services, we offer several options. Our team can:

  • Give a deep cleaning of tile and grout
  • Use hot water extraction or encapsulation for carpets
  • Treat carpets for bacteria
  • Remove stains, mould, and allergens from carpets

Our tools include mops, vacuums, and automatic scrubbers. Bathrooms, gym floors, kitchen floors, and other potentially unsanitary floors are disinfected after our employees clean them.

Hard floors that are exposed the most to foot traffic, such as the floors of shopping centres, could benefit from a strip and seal. We have experts on our team who can do this. We’re proud to say that Jena Dyco International has certified us in the cleaning of hard and soft floor coverings.

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Window Washing and Other Basic Services

To keep the exteriors of office buildings, government departments, street-front businesses, and apartments clean, we can perform window washing as well as complete building wash-downs. Every ledge, frame, and fly screen will be cleaned.

More basic cleaning services include:

  • Stocking bathrooms with hand towels and other consumables
  • Supplying dispensing equipment in bathrooms
  • Emptying waste bins and replacing bin liners

These services may be necessary every day or every other day, but clients can feel confident knowing that we can perform a job as frequently as it’s requested. We often work on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis.


Meet Our Team

Our team numbers more than 120 employees, and each follows ISO 9001:2008 standards. Call us, and you’ll meet a member of our sales team; together, you can create a personalised schedule and see how much it will save you to take advantage of our commercial cleaning services in Rockingham by requesting a free quote today.

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Get a quick quote or call us on (08) 9361 0866