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Southern Cross Cleaning Services can provide companies in the Perth CBD with high-quality cleaning, washing, and waste management on a recurring schedule. We have over 140 contracts in Western Australia, and we frequently work in office buildings, shopping centres, supermarkets, gyms, and warehouses. Government cleaning is another speciality; our clients include 28 Department for Child Protection and Family Support buildings.

Some of Our Basic Services

After 30 years of performing office cleaning for Perth CBD businesses, we’ve seen that all companies share a few basic needs. These include:

  • Cleaning bathrooms and supplying bathroom consumables
  • Cleaning floors and carpets
  • Emptying waste bins and recycling rubbish

Our team can handle all of these on the company’s schedule, even if it means coming in after closing. We supply bathrooms with toilet rolls, hand towels, and hand soap, and after removing rubbish, we put in a new bin liner.

For floors, we can use anything from mops to vacuums to automatic scrubbers; it depends on the size of the area and the client’s preference. Carpets can receive a thorough:

  • Steam cleaning or encapsulation cleaning
  • Anti-bacterial treatment
  • Mould treatment
  • Stain removal

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Other Interior Services

We’re able to perform deep cleanings of tile and grout. This is ideal for the kitchen areas of restaurants and the change rooms for fitness centres and even police stations.

High-level cleaning is available for those interiors that are hard to reach, such as chandeliers, skylights, and mirrors. We can wash windows from the inside as well as the outside, using scissor lifts and extension poles if necessary.

Exterior Services

Business owners and property managers who are concerned about the appearance of their building can request a wash-down because we have pressure-washing systems that can do a thorough job of it. An employee can also hydroclean the car park of any dirt or sand.

Exterior window cleaning is thorough and can cover the following:

  • Cleaning the window frame and ledge
  • Removing any cobwebs
  • Cleaning the fly screen

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Our company follows ISO 9001:2008 standards for a quality management system. Southern Cross Cleaning Services ensures that on every job there’s a site supervisor to inspect the work of our employees. We’re continually striving to raise the bar on our commercial cleaning for business in the Perth CBD. Contact us today and receive a free cleaning quote from a member of our sales team.

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Get a quick quote or call us on (08) 9361 0866