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Southern Cross Cleaning Services can serve businesses ranging from factories and shopping centres to restaurants and gyms. Our office cleaning services are available not just in Osborne Park but throughout the greater Perth metropolitan area. We do high-quality work no matter how large your project may be. We serve clients throughout Western Australia and we currently hold 140 cleaning contracts, including the managers of:

  • 28 Department for Child Protection and Family Support buildings
  • 35 police stations and licensing centres
  • The historic Hale House, office of the WA State Premier

After telling our sales team what they want done and on what schedule, clients can continue to focus on running their business. Our team can come during business hours or after it closes for the night; we don’t have a schedule of our own to keep.

Starting With the Basics

Every company in Osborne Park needs things like waste disposal, bathroom sanitation, and carpet cleaning, and we can handle these relatively small but still important tasks on a regular basis. We make sure to:

  • Restock toilet rolls, hand towels, and soap
  • Replace liners on waste bins
  • Disinfect bathrooms and kitchen areas

Our company has been certified through Jena Dyco International in the cleaning of hard and soft floor coverings. Our team can mop, vacuum, or bring in an auto scrubber to clean hard floors, and we’ll strip and seal floors to make them more resistant to abrasion.

We also pay special attention to lounge areas because their carpets and fabric chairs often harbour dust, mould, and other unwelcome particles that affect employees’ and clients’ health.

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High-Level Cleaning

We have all the equipment necessary to clean hard-to-reach areas like skylights, chandeliers, mirrors, and the stained glass windows of churches. Exterior cleaning is no problem either; we can use a scissor lift or even abseil in order to perform:

  • Building wash-downs
  • Window frame and ledge cleaning

We’ll even clean the fly screens and remove any cobwebs in the windows.

Miscellaneous Cleaning

Our services for police stations include the cleaning and disinfecting of emergency vehicles, holding cells, and evidence rooms. We’re also known to be thorough in our restaurant cleaning; we can remove oil and grease from the floors, clean the freezers, and clean air filters.

For all businesses that have car parks, we can clean this vital area so that it’s free of dirt, sand, and puddles of oil.

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There’s a lot more that Southern Cross Cleaning Services can do when it comes to commercial cleaning in Osborne Park, so call us for more information. We can give advice on how frequently a certain job should be done, and because of our open communication, we can always change your schedule according to your needs. Our cleaning quotes are free, so get in touch today.

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