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Ever since its opening in 1987, Southern Cross Cleaning Services has been dedicated to providing responsive, high-quality cleaning for business owners, government departments, property managers, and other clients throughout Western Australia.

We’re ready to discuss the cleaning needs of your business in Neerabup as well as how often they should be performed. We can work every day if necessary and also after your company’s closing hours. Below are just a few of our general services.

Floors and Carpets

To clean hard floors, we can mop, vacuum, or use an automatic scrubber. We can also put a protective sealant on the hard floors of shopping centres and other businesses where such floors are exposed to scuffing and scraping.

Carpets will receive close attention because these can often harbour bacteria, allergens, and mould. There are two effective ways of cleaning carpets:

  • Hot water extraction
  • Encapsulation

The first method, also known as steam cleaning, sprays hot water onto the carpet and then sucks up that water and, with it, any stains, tracked-in dirt, and fleas and mites. Encapsulation uses a non-toxic chemical to crystallise dirt, which is then vacuumed up by one of our crewmembers.

We’ve been certified through Jena Dyco International in the cleaning of hard and soft floor coverings.

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Other Interior Cleaning

Tile and grout can also get dirty and become unsanitary. Owners of restaurants, gyms, fitness centres, and other businesses can trust us to give a deep cleaning on the tile and grout in their:

  • Kitchen areas
  • Shower rooms
  • Change rooms

We can also perform commercial cleaning for Neerabup police stations. Holding cells and evidence rooms will receive our careful attention.

Cool rooms and freezers in restaurants also need regular cleaning; otherwise, food particles can attract pests or mould. We’ll use chemicals that don’t have an adverse effect on the surrounding metal structure.


We can give both single-storey and multiple-storey buildings a complete wash-down or concentrate solely on the windows, washing the ledges and cleaning any fly screens. If a company has a car park that’s caked with dirt or sand, an employee can give it a thorough pressure clean.

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