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Southern Cross Cleaning Services is a provider of consistently high-quality cleaning services to businesses in Western Australia. We’re based in Perth, so we readily serve those in Malaga. Previous clients have included the owners of:

  • Factories and warehouses
  • Multi-storey office buildings
  • Gyms and fitness centres
  • Shopping centres

We currently have 140 contracts throughout the state, and we ascribe our success to our fast response times, competitive prices, and dedication to the continual improvement of our services. Below is a sample of what we do.

Basic Office Cleaning Services in Malaga

Even the most efficient office can flounder in a simple way, by not having proper waste management. A team member can come by every day or every other day to empty the waste bins and recycle the rubbish. We can also keep the bathrooms sanitary and stocked with:

  • Hand soap
  • Hand towels
  • Toilet rolls

Reception areas and lounges can be regularly cleaned and dusted. We’ll take care to clean fabric chairs and rugs so that they don’t harbour any allergens, pollen or mould.

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Hard Floors and Tile

To make hard floors clean and shiny once again, we can use a mop, vacuum, or auto scrubber. For those marble, limestone, and terrazzo floors that see a lot of foot traffic, we can perform a strip and seal; this involves putting a protective sealant on the floor.

We also degrease floors, which can be important for businesses with kitchen areas.

Tile and grout, often found in kitchen areas, showers, and change rooms, can get dirty and take on a dingy colour. Our team will give these a deep cleaning so that they’re brighter and not hazardous to the health.

Exteriors and Office Surroundings

Washing the windows and keeping a bright exterior can make a company more attractive to customers. Our team can even use a scissor lift to reach high-rise windows. Our cleaning can extend to the car parks.

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Commercial cleaning for Malaga clients isn’t difficult to find. We’ve met ISO 9001:2008 standards for a quality management system, and we can efficiently dispatch our more than 120 cleaners and supervisors anywhere in Western Australia. We always have a supervisor to inspect the work the other employees do.

Contact Southern Cross Cleaning Services, and together we’ll establish the best schedule for your cleaning needs. You’ll then receive an estimate at no charge – so get in touch today.

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