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Southern Cross Cleaning Services was established in 1987 and is locally owned and operated in Perth. We provide commercial cleaning for Belmond clients who own an office, a factory, a shopping centre, or any other business property. We’re available one to seven days a week; clients get to choose the frequency of every service their company requires.

The Most Pressing Needs First

Most businesses need someone to take care of the waste management and bathroom sanitation. These are tasks we can easily accomplish. We make sure to:

  • Supply consumables like toilet rolls and hand towels
  • Replace liners on waste bins
  • Recycle all waste that we gather

Companies that have lounges can trust us to clean the fabric chairs and vacuum the rugs. We’re available to give our immediate attention to any emergencies like spills that stain the carpets.

Focusing on the Floors and Carpets

Carpets with tracked-in dirt, mould, or mites will most likely require a steam cleaning; otherwise, they may be a health hazard to a company’s employees and clients. Another method we can use is encapsulation, where we crystallise the debris on a carpet and easily vacuum them up afterwards.

Our crewmembers can mop or vacuum hard floors, and for immense areas like the food courts and gyms, we can use an automatic scrubber. Wooden floors, whether they’re in a serviced apartment or a restaurant, receive our careful attention as well.

Regular cleaning, however, will not make a floor immune from scraping and scuffing. To prevent such damage, we can perform a strip and seal; this adds a protective coating to the floor.

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Focusing on the Outside

Business owners in Belmond know that their building makes a powerful first impression on customers. It’s important, then, to have Southern Cross Cleaning Services maintain a clean exterior. We can:

  • Wash windows, even high-rise windows
  • Give buildings a complete wash-down
  • Wash car parks clean of dirt, sand, and oil

The hydro cleaning method we adopt for wash-downs is also used for highways and aeroplane runways; it’s that powerful.

Protecting the Environment

Though we use many chemicals for our anti-bacterial treatments and other sanitation jobs, we’re always concerned about the environment. We have Green Stamp environmental accreditation, which is for businesses that go beyond legal compliance to ensure the best environmental practices.

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Southern Cross Cleaning Services is your source for office cleaning in Belmond. We’re high-quality and consistent, and you’ll always have open communication with us. To receive a free cleaning quote, get ahold of us today.

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